Attractive financial returns alongside measurable impact

The Impact Multi Strategy Fund is a diversified institutional alternatives private markets fund managed by Inspire Impact.

It uses a blended private markets strategy across growth and defensive assets, with a dual mandate to achieve competitive risk adjusted financial returns alongside intentional and measurable positive social and environmental impact.

Our direct investments include


AcademyEX is NZ’s leading online education institution and digital learning solutions provider. They promote self-determined learning to empower people and create communities of sustainable change.  

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Healthengine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare platform developed to help people navigate the complex world of healthcare. It brings together a leading range of healthcare providers, healthcare specialities and health ecosystem partners in a suite of integrated offerings to help consumers get a better experience across each step of their healthcare journey.

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Mint Innovation

Mint Innovation uses natural biomass and smart chemistry to extract green metals from waste commercially, accelerating circular supply

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Supporting sustainable development

The Fund targets investments contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the following impact themes:

Sustainable energy & climate transition
Sustainable infrastructure & transportation
Sustainable resource use & waste management
Sustainable agriculture & food
Inclusive healthcare & wellbeing
Inclusive housing & communities
Inclusive education & employment
Inclusive finance & technology

The Fund provides

Access to an institutional investment strategy
Investment in a fund diversified across asset classes and sectors
Commitment of capital in an open-ended fund structure and long-term strategy
Opportunity to create and report on measurable environmental and social impact
Access to a team of highly qualified individuals already successfully delivering a leading impact strategy
Opportunity to invest in a unique product not currently offered in the Australian impact investing market

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