Financial returns and social impact should

Our team are passionate about the ability for our investments to make a real world difference to some of our most challenging societal and environmental problems. As such, we’re focused on impact investments that deliver top-tier financial returns in conjunction with positive social and environmental outcomes.

The Inspire Impact team

Our team work hard to find inspiring opportunities to invest in, then support them to achieve even greater success. It’s challenging work, but incredibly satisfying.

Irene Vidaller
Executive Director
Laurie Berrange
Director, Impact Investing
Poppy Malone
Director, Market Engagement and Development
Hugo Despoux
Investment Director
Josh Ryan
Investment Manager
Callum Evans
Development Manager
Aleks Noble-Campbell
Investment Associate
Kevin Kesting
Investment Associate
Fran Williams
Property Operations Analyst
Bill Best
Board Director
Nicky Carp
Board Director
Peter Edwards
Board Director

Our group executives

Jonathan Lim

Our business ecosystem

Inspire Impact is part of a broader investment eco-system. We are three organisations designed to complement and support the other and to ensure we’re creating a business and community that’s future-focused and building a better tomorrow.

Liverpool is our Private Equity arm. Liverpool Partners is a leading private equity investor with a focus on investing sustainably and responsibly in mid-market businesses seeking rapid growth in the industries of tomorrow.

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Inspire Impact is a profit for purpose organisation that seeks to invest into a range of assets that explicitly and positively impact the society and environment in which we all live. We believe that tangible and measurable social and environmental benefits can be achieved alongside top-tier investment grade returns.

In line with our multi-generational outlook, The Generations Foundation supports children to obtain a quality education where they otherwise would not. The Generations Foundation is supported by all staff in the Liverpool Partners and Inspire Impact team, alongside businesses that we’ve invested in and partnered with.

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