Inspiring Investors.

We invest in high-growth opportunities focused on solving social and environmental problems. In other words, businesses that inspire.

Generating Impact

We bring capital, knowledge and experience to help these strategies accelerate their growth and their mission. That’s positive impact.

Investment performance that impacts

Inspire Impact is a profit for purpose organisation that seeks to invest in businesses and other assets that explicitly and positively impact the society and environment in which we all live. We believe that tangible and measurable social and environmental benefits can be achieved alongside top-tier investment grade returns.

Impact investing

We’re focused on Impact Investments, where top-tier financial returns are achieved in conjunction with positive social and environmental outcomes.

Impact investments provide capital to strategies that deliver sustainable and scalable solutions to social and environmental challenges, while simultaneously delivering financial returns our investors can be proud of.

We define impact investments by the following four characteristics.



Investments that have a positive social or environmental intention.



Investments are expected to generate a top-tier financial return.



A commitment that social and environmental impact is regularly measured.



Produces additional social and environmental outcomes as a direct result of investment.

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